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WHERE YA AT                                                       Anthony Tafuro
  • WHERE YA AT Anthony Tafuro


    Where YA At is the second segment in Tafuro's trade collection for S U N .  The contents take place in both the real and digital world.  Photographs are skewed to feel constructed, and paired with images made in multiple open world/online video games.  These moments are crafted to feel more natural than some images taken throughout the actual world.  The book is separated into seven chapters that depict the life cycle that one goes through, at a fast pace and showing a great deal of energy.  Playing as fake characters allows us to have a slow realization and awareness of the multiple lives we get to live.  Tafuro sat through countless online matches on mostly GTA V, and Halo to gather around 80 rolls of color negative.  This isn't counting the vast amount of additional imagery that was taken between 2015-2017 throughout the real world, and edited into this project.          


    “His images have a quiet sensitivity more common in editorial work than street photography. He seems to slip his way into different crowds with an easy immersion. Anthony's narratives skip spectacle, instead relying on a strong narrative ontology centered around social commentary and the politics of seeing. Tafuro is looking deeply at the textures of the many bizarre surfaces that he encounters, his intent on penetrating them to liberate the ether - or maybe sticky goo - behind these things and it's often quite successful, quite revelatory.”   


    - Sam Margevicius




    Softcover, perfect bound 

    306 pages 

    8"x10" ( 20.3cm X 25.4cm )

    Edition of 100 




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