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  • THE SUMMERHOUSE POOL Charles Johnstone

    Charles Johnstone’s newest publication “The Summerhouse Pool” is his second collaboration with the Parisian model, writer and artist Lea Simone Allegria. The first being “Je ne sais Quoi” published by SUN in 2017. 


    The new book is an homage to the pool at Johnstone’s summer rental for the last decade. The softcover book with an Allegria illustration on the cover is made up of 22 images shot on Polaroid film. The images are a kaleidoscope of blues interspersed with a stunning Allegria sporting a red bikini . 


    “The Summerhouse Pool” is an edition of 100 copies and each book comes with one of two signed and numbered reproduction Polaroid prints. 




    Soft cover with clear mylar slipcover 

    printed offset

    6” x 8 1/2” (15 1/2 mm x 21 1/2 mm) 

    22 Polaroid images

    Printed in Dalton, Mass. by the Studley Press 

    Edition of 100 with a signed, numbered print

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