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THE FAMILY ACID Roger Steffens
  • THE FAMILY ACID Roger Steffens


    Roger Steffens started making photographs while serving in the Psychological Operations division in Vietnam, a time in which he began a journalistic record of his surroundings marked by an increasingly psychedelic lens. Spanning 40 years of Steffens’ life and culled from over 40,000 chrome photographs, The Family Acid presents his often transcendent vision and life as a psychedelic pioneer on the order of Timothy Leary and Hunter S Thompson beginning with his work in Vietnam and moving through his ever revolving circle of friends and characters made up of rastas, beatniks, musicians, artists, gonzo journalists, his family, and himself. The portraits, scenes, and freewheeling experimentation with the medium of photography coalesce into a body of work that both parallels and defines the countercultural ethos of Steffens’ generation. With texts by Kate and Devon Steffens



    foilstamped clothbound hardcover

    156 pages

    72 image plates

    9.5" x 8" (24cmX20.7cm)

    edition of 1000



    The New York Times T Magazine

    Its Nice That

    American Suburb X

    Time Light Box

    The Gaurdian UK



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