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SIXTY BY THIRTY  Charles Johnstone
  • SIXTY BY THIRTY Charles Johnstone


    “Sixty by Thirty” which refers to the dimensions of a “Racquets” court is a game that dates from the 18th century. The game first played at debtor’s prisons in London, (Kings Bench and Fleet) has now become a popular sport at the elite public schools in England (Eton, Harrow and Rugby) to name a few. Johnstone travelled to every court in the world of which there are 40 in order to make this artists book, a book which could easily be mistaken for a topographical book from the seventies. The book features 76 photographs of which 55 are in color. 




    printed offset Dalton, Mass 

    8” x 91/4” (15 3/4mm x 23 1/2mm)  

    signed and numbered edition of 150 

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