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SCHEMA Stephan Sagmiller
  • SCHEMA Stephan Sagmiller


    Stephan Sagmiller continues his reflection on the portrayal of Nature in contemporary culture through the first of a new series of books. Working from Risograph prints made by Sagmiller in 2015, Schema represents the unique character of his vivid four-color digital printing process. Sagmiller limited the original print run exclusively to makeready prints. Makeready’s are a byproduct of print production during the warmup, calibration and registration of each color plate. In an imperfect attempt to achieve an accurate likeness to the original material, Sagmiller's photographs set up a kind of imagination game, a play of form and color that reveals our tendency to recognize the familiar and construct the unfamiliar. Schema draws attention to the role of printing technology in the process of environmental imagination through photography. What is in the image and what do we give to the image? At what point is the image in sync with itself and at what point with us ?




    digital offset

    186 pages

    9” x 10” (229 mm x 254 mm)

    edition of 250 




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