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MAJOR FORCE Vol 1: 2007-2011  Bill Sullivan
  • MAJOR FORCE Vol 1: 2007-2011 Bill Sullivan

    Bill Sullivan‘s Major Force Vol. 1: 2007 to 2011 is the first of a 4 volume selection of Sullivan’s B&W or binary imagery, tracing years-long investigations into the essence of photographic image texture. The book combines 3 selections of images: “Force Majeure” (published by JSBJ in 2011), “Dessau” (published by Kaugummi in 2011), as well as various works from NYC 2007-2011. The 3 sets of pictures come together as a book that hints at a vaguely interconnected narrative, part of a broader investigation by Sullivan exploring the various ways that the eye sees and remembers the internal process of texture mapping. Working with photographs, LCD screens and different types of image noise, Sullivan builds up the surfaces of his images to create dynamic fields of texture. The results assume various familiar shapes and forms, such as tennis courts, volleyball players, portraits, nudes, landscapes and selfies. Forms in the image narrative of his book assume almost the role of characters in a dark and moody drama, one that hints at nostalgia and the act of memory itself. The book moves between levels of almost classic-realist B&W photography to different types of image noise and abstraction. In this process Sullivan weaves new kinds of visual surface texture for both the eye and the mind.



    soft cover with clear mylar slipcover

    8.5 x 11 inches (229 x 280 mm) signed and numbered

    114 pages

    Edition of 250




    ( international shipping $30  - may be charged seperately)



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