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LETTERS OF PEOPLE Sergey Merkurov by Bill Sullivan
  • LETTERS OF PEOPLE Sergey Merkurov by Bill Sullivan


    Bill Sullivan enigmatic book "Letters of People” lays out a new presenation of an obscure privately produced collection of erotic illustrations by the famed Soviet sculptor Sergey Merkurov. To produce his book Sullivan created new color seperations for each the complex erotic compositions that Merkurov developed for each of the Cyrillic letters. Merkurov known to history as “Stalin's Sculptor” and the "People's Artist of the USSR” drew on his deep appreciation of the Greek and Roman art of antiquity to produce his re-creations of the original, now archaic characters of the Cyrillic alphabet. The 35 characters in this Cyrillic alphabet were the precursors for the modern Russian Alphabet that the Soviets adopted after the revolution in 1918. The book also includes a 24-page section called "Seperations" that presents the line and shade seperations that had originally been developed for the complex printing process Merkurov employed to create the original book in isolation as works of art in of themselves.





    laser jet print on marbeled paper 

    76 pages

    8.5 x 11 in  (21.6cm X 28cm)




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