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JE NE SAIS QUOI Charles Johnstone & Lea Simone Allegria
  • JE NE SAIS QUOI Charles Johnstone & Lea Simone Allegria

    Charles Johnstone’s third book of Polaroids in which he collaborates with female artists, in this one the collaborator is Parisian author/ model/ illustrator, Lea Simone Allegria. The book combines Polaroids of her shot on expired film and her illustrations. 


    “Je ne sais quoi was produced in close collaboration with the French illustrator and writer Lea Simone Allegria. Johnstone found Allegria through Instagram and became fascinated with her drawings. They started up a conversation and later connected in the offline world, discovering more common interests. In the end Johnstone suggested they collaborate on a book, and Allegria agreed. He used expired Polaroid film to photograph Allegria in Paris( her hometown), and she responded to his photographs with illustrations and drawings, some of them coming from her collection , while others ( including the cover) were produced for this particular project.” 

    Olga Yatskevich , Collector Daily , January 24, 2018 




    56 pages

    24 Polaroids with 15 illustrations,

    6.5” x 8.75” (22mm x 16mm)

    printed offset in Dalton , Mass. by Studley Press
    56 pages




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