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FOREST HILLS   Bill Sullivan
  • FOREST HILLS Bill Sullivan

    S U N is excited to present a new edition of Bill Sullivan’s book Forest Hills, a surreal chronicle of the 20th-century history of tennis and art first published in 2013. Printed on the occasion of the 100-year anniversary of the Stadium at Forest Hills, Sullivan’s book confuses and conflates the 20th-century stories of tennis and art to create a new kind of history. Once the center of tennis in America and the home of the US Open, Forest Hills as it was once known is now an almost forgotten world, a lost civilization of the sport. Sullivan's Forest Hills uses photography and various types of image-making to chronicle its rise and fall. The book follows the history of the site and the birth of the stadium as it evolves from its heights as the cathedral of American tennis to its near-complete demise. Functioning as an ahistorical/historical document, Forest Hills is a story about a real place as well as a meditation on how this place and its elements may have been viewed by people in the past over time. The book contains 83 images in color and black and white, including several new depictions of the stadium, along with other new images produced for this edition. The linen cover is silkscreened and foil stamped with a design based on a print by the American painte