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CLASSON Yoshi Kametani + Daisuke Yokota
  • CLASSON Yoshi Kametani + Daisuke Yokota


    Classon by Yoshi Kametani and Daisuke Yokota is S U N ’S  third title in it's Series 1 books. Series 1 is an experimental series of editioned books of 100 that combine the work of two artists and photographers in a variety of different ways. The first two titles in Series 1 were Briner Houser and Briney Breezes. Commissioned specifically for this book, Daisuke Yokota's and Yoshi Kametani's images work as a dialogue. Photographed in Kametani's neighborhood in New York City, the book is an exploration of a landscape that remain undefined. By adding and subtracting information through the application of different processes, the artists offer their vision of the landscape. Classon is Yokota's first body of work shot solely in the United States.




    Digital offset

    8.5 x 11 in  (22 x 28 cm)


    Edition of 100 


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