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BRINER HAUSER Tim Briner + Thomas Hauser
  • BRINER HAUSER Tim Briner + Thomas Hauser


    BRINER HAUSER was S U N  's first of it's new Series 1 books. Series 1 is an experimental series of editioned books of 100 that combine the work of two artists and photographers in a variety of different ways. BRINER HAUSER combines the B & W imagery of Timothy Briner and Thomas Hauser to form an elusive and often enigmatic dialogue concerning form and sexuality. Briner's work comes from a new series of images that he has shot or manipulated over the last three years that mark a shift towards a more abstract non narrative understanding of form. Thomas Hauser's images come from two bodies of work separated by nearly 10 years. The first series of images shot in 2004 is loosely part of RAUCH / SMOKE a series which re framed existing dialogues about fetish and taboo. While the second series of works included are part of Hauser's KUENSTLERINNEN and NUDES series shot in 2013-14. These series formalize many of the sexual elements that marked his earlier works and codify their form in increasingly systematic ways.



    Soft Cover japanese woven cover stab bound

    8.5 x 11 inches  (21.6cm X 28cm)

    88 pages

    Digital off set

    Edition of 100



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