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  • ALL THE YOUNG PUNKS Graham MacIndoe


    Graham MacIndoe's All The Young Punks is a two-headed book balancing a series of candid shots he took of the formative punk years of his youth with a more recent series of photographs he has taken of the old things he later came across from those years.  After rediscovering the photographs, records, and ephemera from his days as a young punk in Scotland in the late 1970s, MacIndoe re-photographed these artifacts as precisely lit and composed still lifes. All The Young Punks juxtaposes the candid old photos he had taken of his life as a punk wih a new series of images of ticket stubs, concert badges, record covers, and music press clippings. MacIndoe's book uniquely captures the energy of this highly charged period of his life vividly broadcasting the memories he still has of these cultural tokens in a clar series of new images which are set in a dialogue in this book with a selection of the pictures he took of the people from that time. 



    Softcover, perfect bound

    100 pages

    11” x 7.5” (279.5 mm x 190.5 mm) 

    Edition of 125



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